Phyllis H. Thompson

Founder, Beastmom Fitness

I am 47 years old and thriving with perimenopause.

It is time to take charge of your health and reclaim control over your body!

Tired of feeling anxious, sluggish and exhausted? Yes, these are symptoms of peri-menopause & menopause. But this journey does not have to be painful and/or depressing. Both are natural processes for every woman. The hormones fluctuate, and a woman's estrogen levels start to decline. With it comes symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, vaginal dryness, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, memory troubles, loss of your sex drive and weight gain or trouble losing weight. But if a woman is healthy with a strong immune system, the body knows how to overcome the symptoms that arise due to hormonal fluctuations.

The Hormone Hacking for Weight loss Program, will give you your life back. Say Goodbye to Belly Bloat, Weight Gain, Moodiness, and CRAZY HORMONES that are causing havoc and depression in your life!

Start waking up everyday feeling amazing without medications! I will give you the hacks, recipes and daily meal plans necessary to make this happen. Along with education on science backed information.... from supplementation advice to what you should be discussing with your doctor.

FIND BALANCE AGAIN, in all areas of your life! Whether you suffer from Thyroid disorders, PCOS, Perimenopause or Menopause itself.... Start Feeling Better NOW!!

What will you get when you join the Hormone Hacking for Weight loss Program?

●Amazing meal plans: Nourishing meals specifically designed to restore the hormonal in your body, so you drop the unwanted weight and symptoms. Not only do our suggested meals taste good, but they are extremely beneficial for your health.

●Superfoods: Add amazing smoothies to your meals to fill in nutritional gaps or deficiencies... that can contribute to your symptoms.

●Fitness: Workouts customized to you, your fitness level and goals...not all workouts are right for EVERY-BODY.

Not just the above treats, but we will connect you to our Facebook group to join other strong women on this same journey, who will understand & share your womanly problems......that inspire each other to overcome them, with calmness and strength.

If you are:

Going through this hormonal phase and reading a lot of confusing information on the internet. You want to take care of your health, but there's so much information out there and you aren't sure what really applies to you & your unique body. You have so many questions, you want and need guidance. Join our program to get the right, science backed information, in a simple to follow step by step system, so you feel better and get rid of that unwanted weight in a easy to follow way.

●Join the Hack your Hormones for Weight loss program and get your active energetic life back. You will uncover a balanced, delicious & nutritious way of eating, that will give your body the energy & nutrients it needs, to recover from those nasty hormone fluctuations due to perimenopause, menopause, thyroid disorders or PCOS.

●Discover amazing healthy recipes, exercises designed for your body at this stage and activities to help you de-stress. You have entered or are nearing the age of maturity. It is just a phase, a natural phase. Enjoy it. Be you, and come see how you can age gracefully for longevity and how not to let it overpower you.

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What some of our clients are saying.

Down over 7lbs and 8 inches.

Lost over 20lbs

Dropped over 40 and got control of her anxiety.





22lbs and 32 inches


She has lost 7.2lbs and she feels back to her pre- menopause self, more energy and no hot flashes.


Down over 30lbs and better control over her hypothyroidism




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Frequently Asked Questions:

What changes does a woman experience when she approaches perimenopause or menopause?

Every woman has a different experience, but the common changes include irregularity in the menstrual cycle, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal itching and dryness, weight gain etc. Usually, the hormones responsible for the above-mentioned symptoms are starting to fluctuate and/or decline during this phase. But, healthy living can greatly reduce the effects and severity of these symptoms..

I am having memory issues; is this due to menopause as I am in my mid-forties?

Yes, it might be. Many women report difficulty in concentrating and remembering during perimenopause and the few months right after menopause. But as you near the completion of menopause the memory comes back fine. To keep yourself mentally active, you need to take a have good nutrition, meditate and keep yourself stress-free.

Does menopause cause stress and anxiety?

Not in all women, but some women report symptoms of stress and anxiety. They feel low in energy and feel sad for no reason. Usually, women with postpartum depression or PMS are more vulnerable to depression during menopause. Some women get stressed as they realize that they are getting older. But menopause has to come in every woman's life, as it is a natural phenomenon. With a healthy lifestyle and support, every woman can welcome this phase with ease, calmness less symptoms and decreased severity. No need to get stressed; just eat the right foods, be fit and don't let nasty hormonal fluctuations control you.

.Hormonal therapies are available that are practiced by healthcare professionals to help women that face extreme depression and anxiety. But it is always better not to let stress unrest you.


Thrive through perimenopause or menopause with a healthy lifestyle. Recover balance with thyroid disorders or PCOS. Join our program and nourish your body and soul inside & out. Bring back hormonal balance, and the essential nutrients your body needs to help her overcome the symptoms that are stopping you from enjoying your life. With balanced hormones and less toxins inside us, our bodies are able to not just cope but thrive!!!

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